Tuesday, 24 July, 2007

Simply Superb;p

Its 6pm and i am done with cooking for Dinner,So soon you may ask:) Yup,i got home at 4pm,and i suddenly had this urge to rush into the kitchen at 4.30pm,i went there to find one Bottle gourd waiting for me in the fridge,It was screaming "Please take me from here;p" so i took it out and i remembered one of my favorite dish made by amma and it was specially made for me because my brother never liked it and mom would eat anything:)
so i the queen would always swear by the mention of it also "Pesarapappu sorakaya vepudu" i.e, "yellow split moong daal and bottle gourd stir fry" hmmm,accompanied by hot rasam it would taste great on a winter night with hot rice and papad. Simple meals are so exotic in taste and method of cooking also,isn't it:)

Half of Lauki or dhoodi or sorakaya or bottlegourd,One small cup of moong daal soaked for about 15min.two green chillies, one onion , jeera and two garlic pods and mustards and curryleaves for tampering.
Boil the Lauki pieces for about ten minutes and when you feel that they have become little soft shift them into another plate and squeeze out any water remaining.

Take a spoonful of oil into the Kadai and add mustard and curryleaves,when they start spluttering add green chillies and onion.

fry it for a minute or two and then add the moong daal,and the Lauki pieces to the kadai and adjust salt and add A little of turmeric also.
Cover it with a lid and let it be cooked for a while,hmmm,say ten min?,precisely once in five minutes just keep stirring

if you feel the moong daal is hard add little water so that it would be soft,but do take care not to make it too soft like paste,the moong and lauki must be separate.

If you have noticed,i dint add any ginger garlic paste, yup,not needed, just take a little jeera,add two garlic pods and crush them both properly and add to the curry,trust me,this gives a wonderful taste as well aroma to you and to the kitchen:)

Adjust chilli powder and when you see the oil leaving the sides {not much oil but you will know} the stir fry is ready.

You can have it with hot rasam and papad,trust me,the taste is heavenly when it is damn cold out side and you want to warm up your body, healthy,No masala,little oil and traditional dish ...more than anything,works out fine for me because it is a simple home cooked food which i love:)

Hot Hot rasam {recipe next post,right now i am off for shopping,Yuppieeeee,No classes for two days,so for two days i will just go to the college,gossip in the staff room,have hot thali from the canteen directly ordered to the staff room and then again gossip post lunch,come back home,now thats what i call as leisure at work,isn't it:)

Have a wonderful time people and Yes,one more thing,I keep adding lot of links to my blogroll because i would love to keep knowing about new food ideas and i am unable to comment much because i am bad at Time Management and Ashaji,Special thanks to you,Its rare to find a Blogger and wonderful person like you who has so much energy and you encourage new bloggers and praise them with such nice words,You rock:) and congratulations on your 100th post:) I hope to wish you again on your 200th post soon:)



Thank you Alapana,it was so nice to read that there!You are welcome and I am always glad to see new bloggers and their wonderful recipes!:))
I grew a Bottle Gourd plant this year and got one last week.I made a dal too.Your dal is simply superb as well!:))
Take it easy and blog more.


hi Alapana,good to see a recipe with bottlegourd and dal with detail pictures.Makes it simple to follow.


Hi alapana,
Thats my favourite too.I too cook this with moong dal but I do not use onions.Got to try this with onions next time.
Thanks for sharing


Hi Alapana! happy to see you back. I love to eat bottlegourd in any form. This fry looks simple and delicious. I will prepare this very soon. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Alapana! you have been tagged by me on my MeMe.. If you have time, just see my article today and play this meme game. Have a nice day.


hey I have not tried this with moong dal. looks yummy. I make with chana dal and then the rasam too. rasam tastes yummy!!


Hi Alapana, Really very happy to see your wonderful words at my blog. Thanks a lot that you want to post your meme for my sake as gift. You mean that you too MBA. What a coincidence! Once again thanks girl and very happy journey and have a great weekend dear.


Aha...So jyothi had tagged you eh?...I too need that gift OK??Bcoz I had decided to tag you well ahead..:)

[..You have been Tagged for a meme by me too!!..go through my tag post,when you have time :)!! ]

Connected..Yet Disconnected

Thank you for the recipe.. I made it and liked it very much.. :)


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