Sunday, 12 August, 2007

Red is here to stay

Jyothi ,Bharathy,I am done with the TAG:) you can check it at "Dew Drop Dreams" Its been good to write something about myself and now something about food again, I am not very good with good food,i mean Healthy food,Well, for me good food need not be healthy too,so i just have good food and ignore the health part of it. My colleague is one epitome of this Healthy food concept and for her it need not be tasty or yummie,so she says if it helps your health then you better eat and her husband and daughter follow her rules at home and Now in the college she makes sure that i have my break fast and lunch on time and that too my box is half the time filled with sprouts and salads and what not:( but one thing is whatever healthy food i eat i give her the credit and this one salad which i learnt is from her and boy,now this is one regular in my kitchen every day:)

All i need is One Beet root,One cucumber,Half the onion,2 carrots,Salt,Peanuts or sprouts or kabuli chana ,Tomato 1 ,Lime juice and salt.

Grate the beetroot,cucumber,onion and add tomato if you like it,and you may add capsicum also,if you have raw peanuts which you use for boiling then add them,or if you have boiled chickpeas or any sprouts,mix well,add salt and lime juice acc to you taste,chill in the refrigerator ,have it before lunch or dinner.
Good for health and good for people like me who always want something to munch on,so now a days instead of peanuts and chocolates whenever i feel like eating something i take a bowl of this salad and enjoy it all:) More than me my mom is happy,because i have never ever tasted Beetroot in my life and now i have it every day,Thanks to my colleague:)



Great salad,great color too.Enjoy Alapana:)
Happy Monday.


vibrant looking salad!! looks very nice.


Just discovered ur food blog...i mostly cook frm Food Blog! Looking forward to do some cooking frm here :)


Hi alapana! sorry for delay dear. Too busy with work. Great salad with great meme... Thanks for participating. Salad looks wonderful and very healthy too. thanks for sharing dear.


Hi Alapana! I hope all are fine at your end. Not at all posting! An award is waiting for you. Check my blog once. Take care.


Yum.. yeah this seems to be the trend now.. :)

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