Sunday, 24 June, 2007

Mix It All Baby;p

So after staying home for two months i started working again,Two months after seven years of work experience:) quite funny how i never thought of a break,but then last year changed everything, I got married last year,and then the urge is so sudden,to stay home and not to go out for work at all,My house,i proudly pronounced to everyone,i own it,all of it is mine,i am th owner,the decision maker,i would decide how to decorate it,what to buy,how much to buy and whom to employ,new found independence in one way, did almost pretty much same things when i was with mom,when i was not married but this was different.So much happened since last year,suddenly i became Mrs. N and then came a bolt of surprise,for the first time in my life i heard about relocation,with in the country but still it was shocking,my mom,my bro,my plants and hell,my dogs too,they wont be anywhere near to me, i cannot wake up in the middle of the night and rush to them,cannot see them whenever i want to,suddenly from my work place i cannot reverse the vehicle and go off to see amma,cannot make shopping plans, but then the decision was mutual,to shift,for a better career and a new life.So i resigned,after 7yrs,my life as a lecturer came to a halt.
Bangalore is beautiful but still lonely,two months i stayed at home and then the fear creeped in,of being restricted to the four walls,i had this sudden urge to go out,meet people,do what i have been doing all along,and i got into my new job,again as a lecturer:) i still talk to amma daily,ask about the plants and dogs,still fight with bro over phone but given a chance i would want to go back to my home,my city and my family:) hope hubby is listening and takes up a job in Hyd again;p

And the new job is hectic,i start from my by 7.30am,so breakfast and lunch to be preapred so early,thankfully hubby dosnt take lunch pack,odd timings,so i am left to fend myself and i am a huge fan of one pot meals,give me anything from lemon rice to coconut rice to pulav or fried rice,or tomato rice,i would gulp it all with out a complaint.
One fine evening i realised the fact that all i have is 30min before hubby rushes home with a hungry look and feel and dashed off into the kitchen,and made this mixed vegetable rice, whatever came to my head i just did so and boy,am i not glad i did:)

i used green peas(frozen) soya chunks,capsicum,tofu(paneer made of soya milk),
one tomato, small quantity of onion,cabbage,green chillies, a table spoon full of
garam masala.

Take a handi and pour one spoon of oil,fry the chillies and onions for a while and add the cabbage and capsicum.

Now add the green peas and tomatoes also and enjoy the different colors:)

Now its time to add the soy chunks and tofu also,yeah yeah,i know too much of soya but i love it rather than adding paneer and listening to a lecture from husband about calories.

Now i added the salt and the garam masala to it.

Done and ready for the rice to be mixed:) i would have had this just like that with chapathis or bread too.

Mix the rice,i prefer hot rice,i dont like adding left over rice to it,some how the hot rice did make a difference to the taste:) maybe just a feeling. Done and have it with cold onion raitha.the spicy rice compliments well with raitha.

My heart goes hummmummmm;p

Friday, 8 June, 2007


"You dint post anything in your foodblog?? " asks hubby and i was pleasantly surprised that he checks it. "I dont know,i am kind of feeling awkward putting up posts there,you know there are so many food blogs out there,at times i feel like a lost child in between all those blogs,so many varieties and so many recipes and they present them so well,i cannot do all that and i feel i can never cook like that" i poured out all i had in my heart to him. and i got a smile back
"My dear,in two days you will be back at your new job,and in this new city you have to make new friends,so much to explore,so just things one at a time,don't worry about anything, remember you told me you started posting here for me,so that i can cook when you are not here,so just post what you know,worry not about comments,do comment when you get time,and remember,whatever you do,here or in life,Do it for your satisfaction,for a smile and for contentment"
wow,a little gnan seriously and he always has been my gyan guru,he is like lord krishna who comes at the right moment to show the light;p
And i am back to posting again:) i will,whenever i can,whatever i feel is a genuine attempt,i will make sure to put it up here:)

The other day when i came back from hyderabad my fridge was almost empty except for two capsicums,a little paneer and three tomatoes and we were hungry,so i just made this curry in flat 20min and had it with hot chapathis.

required: two big onions,two green chillies,ginger garlic paste,a pinch of turmeric,one spoon of garam masala,two spoons of peanut powder,two spoons of grated kopra,salt and chilli powder.
Saute the onions and chillies along with ginger garlic paste,salt and turmeric added till they are half brown and add the capcicum first,stir it well and add tomatoes and paneer to it. {I love those colors}

Add the garam masala,peanut powder,and kopra powder along with a small glass of water,mix well.
cover the lid and let it cook for atleast 10-15min and do keep checking and add water according to the required gravy thickness,i love my gravies thick,not watery.

Done and ready to be served:) i learnt this art of not wasting one potato,one tomato or a few okra,i am saving them and utilizing them in one or the other curry in my own way,i know amma will be proud of me when she knows about it:)

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