Friday, 8 June, 2007


"You dint post anything in your foodblog?? " asks hubby and i was pleasantly surprised that he checks it. "I dont know,i am kind of feeling awkward putting up posts there,you know there are so many food blogs out there,at times i feel like a lost child in between all those blogs,so many varieties and so many recipes and they present them so well,i cannot do all that and i feel i can never cook like that" i poured out all i had in my heart to him. and i got a smile back
"My dear,in two days you will be back at your new job,and in this new city you have to make new friends,so much to explore,so just things one at a time,don't worry about anything, remember you told me you started posting here for me,so that i can cook when you are not here,so just post what you know,worry not about comments,do comment when you get time,and remember,whatever you do,here or in life,Do it for your satisfaction,for a smile and for contentment"
wow,a little gnan seriously and he always has been my gyan guru,he is like lord krishna who comes at the right moment to show the light;p
And i am back to posting again:) i will,whenever i can,whatever i feel is a genuine attempt,i will make sure to put it up here:)

The other day when i came back from hyderabad my fridge was almost empty except for two capsicums,a little paneer and three tomatoes and we were hungry,so i just made this curry in flat 20min and had it with hot chapathis.

required: two big onions,two green chillies,ginger garlic paste,a pinch of turmeric,one spoon of garam masala,two spoons of peanut powder,two spoons of grated kopra,salt and chilli powder.
Saute the onions and chillies along with ginger garlic paste,salt and turmeric added till they are half brown and add the capcicum first,stir it well and add tomatoes and paneer to it. {I love those colors}

Add the garam masala,peanut powder,and kopra powder along with a small glass of water,mix well.
cover the lid and let it cook for atleast 10-15min and do keep checking and add water according to the required gravy thickness,i love my gravies thick,not watery.

Done and ready to be served:) i learnt this art of not wasting one potato,one tomato or a few okra,i am saving them and utilizing them in one or the other curry in my own way,i know amma will be proud of me when she knows about it:)



What a great husband!!Can I have him?! ;D
He is right,post what you like without thinking about comments.They will come if you blog frequently:))
Dish looks yummy.Why hesitate when cook like this!!:))


Ashaji,thank you,people like you are so wonderful,you have been commenting on my blog from day one,thanku so much and the comments i was talking about is the fact that i am unable to comment on so many wonderful food blogs:) and about me getting them,been there,done that:) i have been blogging past 4yrs at my other blogs and i have seen how it all works,for me right now comments are a beautiful expression if i get them and if i dont then it might be a silent expression:)


Alapana..what a pleasant name.Thanx alot for your visits...
Yes, Asha'sprompt visits had surprised me alltime visitor right form my blog start up...There are a very few posta in my blog without her words...Great to have pal like her na???

dish seems to be healthy,rich with all those veggies..never tried paneer capsicum cocmbo..will give a shot next time when I make paneer gravy..:)

So you are thru with brinjals with RCI..will be looking forward to your JFI recipe :)Love brinjals in trditional dishes..Thanx for that too...


Hi Alapana,
Thanks for your visit and add my name in your food blog list.
Nice and very yummy dish you present.:)
Curry color is very nice and attractive photo too.
I see your drumstick curry. Thanks for sharing new idea.


that gravy looks so nice. very good ingredients. yummy.

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