Monday, 9 July, 2007

You have 20min????

Someone in one of the posts asked me "How do you manage cooking and job both:)" Well,it made me smile because i saw my mom doing it for more than 20years,But yes,neither do i have such discipline nor the passion to feed the family and go out to work,she did it all,and boy she did it with so much commitment and at times i get worried how i would be when i come to her age,but then lets leave future to take its own shape:)
For now i manage because i have a husband who eats whatever i make,and he does it without even changing his facial expressions,the day i dont feel like cooking the dinner would be just rice and tomato daal in the name of simple meal and when i cannot make that also the N number of restaurents in Bangalore come to our rescue and
i get these bouts of energy where in i make three varities of chicken curry and sambhar and veg biryani at one go for just two people,Yeah,i know,i am eccentric and thats how my lifestye is too:D you can see me sitting till 3am and reading blogs one night or just re arranging my vast music collection or just studying (yup,i do that too) and at times i am sleeping by 6pm;p But thankfully husband is the nodal point for everything i do and just because he knows how i am,he is prepared for everything;p
And thank god for his techi job and strange timings {he leaves home at 5am and comes back at 4pm} i dont need to make lunch or breakfast,only dinner,and oh,no,i eat both but what?? You may ask;p my breakfast would be a cucumber or bread or a glass of juice or marie biscuits and lunch would be a pot of rice,yup,curd rice,lemon rice,pudina rice,you name it and i know about it:) But hell,i crave for normal three course meal but then i need to rush to my mom for that,in my house there it is still the same,i miss it,but then as husband puts it "This is just a temporary phase" Hope so too:) i lack the dicipline of getting up early to make proper food for just me,I rather spend another hour in bed,so daily it is waking up by 7am and leaving the house at 7.45am in a rush for now,rest,lets see what happens when family size increases:)

My mom always made this curry,specially when she had no idea what to make for dinner and umpteen options rejected by me and my brother this one curry always got both the votes,tomato curry with eggs beaten into it:) tomato guddu koora we call it and boy,hot rice and this curry is my favourite,specially on a winter night,yummm

Simple to make and vanishes fast from the plate, i make it often when i am tired of deciding the menu and i made this on Friday night when i wanted to sit and watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and dint like going into the kitchen,so if you have 20min in hand, 5tomatoes,one Onion,2green chillies,and ginger garlic paste and two eggs,get set go for this curry.

Ready to make:)

fry the onions till they turn transparent along with the chillies.

Add the tomatoes,salt and turmeric powder.

Close the lid and keep the heat on low and let it cook

Once done you see a lovely gravy rich in color,add chilli powder as per tastes.

Take three eggs,beat them slowly in to the gravy,
And DONOT mix the gravy.

Let the eggs set,the heat must be on sim and make sure not to mix the gravy,
if you need to then do it carefully without breaking the eggs

The eggs are set now:)

ready to eat,Where is my rice....;p



Firstly this is an amazing blog and I just discover it today!! Secondly this dish took me back to childhood when mom made me exactly the same thing except the egg was mixed and the gravy thickened. How I loved it!!! Will try this version tonight! Went through all your cooking and I just realised you are a superlative cook!!!


I too second anumitha...
..Nice to see the step by step illustrations
I love this egg curry my mom used to prepare in our childhood days..whatz spl about this is that this curry goes with almost any main food...rice,chappathi,poori,nana,appam,..

Keep up your wonderful work, Alapana..:)


neelimaji.., aapka regular blog mere liye inaccessible hai.. Zara batayeinge ke kya problem hai.. Only the posts don appear, the rest of the sidebar etc is visible.. It is frustrating when u have posted something and i am unable to read!!


It's all about organization of your time and willingness to manage everything,isn't it? We can do anything we set our minds to.Good job Alpana.Eggs and Tomato curry looks great!:)


so you prefer Jhatphat recipes huh?
I had this kind of curry long time ago. nice pics.


Hi Alapana! lovely and very tasty recipe. Even I used to prepare in the same way. Your's looks great. Thanks for sharing your version.


neelimaji.., aapka regular blog mere liye inaccessible hai.. Zara batayeinge ke kya problem hai.. Only the posts don appear, the rest of the sidebar etc is visible.. It is frustrating when u have posted something and i am unable to read!!

the same goes here

kindly take some action neels..


Smitha,Rajalakshmi,The blog is being taken care of,please bear with it for a while,some code error i guess:)


hey thanks for the step by step helped me a lot..i dont know cooking..i will surprise my mom..;)


Hi ,
me too will make in the same way.i jus love this dish so much.Step by step procedure is good.


hey...the curry looks soooooooo yummy,but u missed to mention when to add ginger garlic paste.pls tell ...i wanna make it tonite.


Baby,i am sorry,my network was down,so couldn't reply in the night,you can add garlic ginger paste when you add the chillies and onions and before adding tomatoes:)


Hi Alapana,

That was a wonderful presentation of curry and you managing both work and home.When I read this post of yours u took me back 5yrs(when I used to work in Blore,manage work,cooking etc)this is just a temporary phase and as time goes on and family starts growing we will automatically become more energetic and never know how we are managing, in one word I can say multitasking is what we women are gifted with.Dont u think so?
Have a Nice day!


Anumita,Now the words from you make me all emotional:) Hugs girl,Its been three years of knowing you as blogger now and you always have been there with such wonderful words for me:)

Bharathy, i just feel speechless when i hear such wonderful comments,specially for my food blog,i have been into blogging for three years now,got 100's of comments but this place is special which i started very recently because it has flavours of my life with my mom,my childhood,thanku so much.


Ashaji, you are right,its all a game of the mind,time management is important. Thank you so much for the wonderful words you put in at this place,it feels so good to see you here.


Sharmi,Thankfully only Jhatpat,No Instant food as of now:)

Jyothi,thanku darling and man,you put in so many recipes and i feel so damn good because each of it reminds of my childhood in one or the other way:)


Dimple,Priya.r thanku so much girls,i was apprehensive about this dish thinking it is too simple but then thats the idea of this blog,simple dishes:)

Madhoo,you are right,Multi tasking is a gift of good for women,from being a good daughter to DIL to Wife to career and the best of it all,to be a Mom,we do it all effortlessly:)

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