Wednesday, 2 May, 2007


Hubby comes home at 4pm,the snack time and its become a challenge for me to stop him from opening the fridge for chocolates or wafers ,all the while i am slogging in the kitchen with some experiment,Yesterday it was raining here and i made these pesaravadalu after talking to mom on phone.

How to make it......
1 small glass split moongdaal soaked in water for about 5hrs with a tablespoon of rice.
1 onion cut into small pieces

Pudina and cilantro

salt to taste

ginger and green chillies

Grind the moongdaal into coarse batter along with a piece of ginger and 3 to 4 green chillies, when you put it into mixer,use the ripper button for a sec and take out a part of coarse daal and grind the rest of the daal smoothly, mix both later and result you have a coarse daal,remember not to add water while grinding the daal,add cut onions and pudina and cilantro along with a tea spoon of garammasala and salt. Make small size vadas on your hand and leave them into a hot pan of oil, fry them till brown and result is what you see here:)

And hubby finished them in a few min when presented with onions and lemon:) they taste good when hot,but if you keep them for a longer time they become soggy,happy munching all of you:)



Alpana,great to see your blog.What an authentic dish to start with.YUM!!!
Thanks for the recipe.Hope you do visit me again,I remember your name when you visited me long time ago!:))


hey Alapana, you have a lovely name and two beautiful blogs. welcome to blogsphere. I loved the pesaravadalu. will try it sometime.


lol this looks so tempting I am almost touching my computer screen, just in case i can get one of those out! :P

starry nights

I did not know you had a food blog untill I read your hubbys post.I will have to try and make this for my husband too.I know he keeps looking in the refrigerator for a snack each evening too.Happy anniversary.


Yummy! I am thinking of making this for a long time. You knows you can make dahi vada with this too;-) just soak in hot water before:-)


hey neelu, a warm welcome to food blogging! ur vadalu looks yummy, thanks for the recipe.


thanks Neelu for letting me know so much about you.



Asha ji,thanku somuch,it feels so great to see your comment here,Yes,i remember i did come to your blog on your wedding anniversary and i did cook your egg masala also,and i will sure visit you again and again.

Sharmi,thank u,i am glad to have entered the food blogs sharmi,hope to continue.


wanderer,do let me know how they tasted after you eat them by taking them out of the screen;p
thank u for the words:)

Lalitha,thanku,i am doing it all for hubby,one day or the other when i am not at home i want him to cook on his own,maybe then this blog helps:)


mommyof2,Yup,i know we can make dahiwada from this but never tried,maybe someother time:)

Richa,thats a nice of encouraging,
thanku and hope to be a regular.

Sharmi,the pleasure is all mine:)

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