Friday, 25 May, 2007

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Brinjal,the one vegetable which husband hates the most but i love the most,Its been a year since i had this curry,haan, no,not because i think pati is parmeshwar and that i need to eat what he eats,Nah,no ways,just that i am too lazy to make two curries and i just discarded brinjals from my kitchen:(((( but no,Not anymore, i had this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge craving for a nice brinjal curry whe i saw fresh bhaigan at Madiwala market and i brought them home and in the name of RCI i made Gutti vankaya Koora,my mom's version,the one which i loved always, Infact i guess there is a song also in a telugu movie which i donot remember, and this time i just made sure to make only this curry and hubby had no choice but to have this,And guess what, he ate it with out a word and after finishing the dinner he cleared the table,shifted the remaining curry in to a box and put it in the fridge,why???? because he wanted to have it next day also,yayayaaaaaaaaaaaa,welcome back brinjals:)))

Now for the recipe.I took 5 medium sized brinjals and these are the ingredients which go into the filling. Two medium sized onions and 2 green chillies and ginger garlic paste. Saute the onions in a pan along with the G&G paste,chillies for about 3 minutes,till the onions are looking almost golden yellow,take them out into a plate and let it cool.

Dry coconut powder, and groundnut powder {fry the groundnuts without oil and remove the rusk on it} and garam masala powder,add these three to the onions which we fried before and add corriander and salt and red chilli powder to it,now the filling is ready to put in the brinjals:)
Make cross cuts to the brinjal at the top and please do not remove the tail of the brinjal!!!!! and then fill the masala into it.

take a wide pan and add oil to it,drop the stuffed brinjals into it taking care ,the filling should not fall into the oil and the remaining masala can be just added to the pan,adjust the water content so that the brinjals can cook properly and cover it with a lid for about 10min.
and while you mix it at intervals make sure to do so carefully without splitting the brinjals .
When the oil starts showing from the sides its time to say that curry is ready:D shift it carefully to a serving dish and garnish with corriander and serve it with hot rice or chapathis.

Pacchi pulusu,the one kind of dish which i love on a hot summer evening,this is one more speciality of the villages of andhrapradesh,made in different ways,i remember the third day of my wedding, one of the aunt of my husband was requested specially by everyone to make her trade mark pacchipulusu,now she took a big vessel,took a few red chillies,added onions to it,few strands of corriander,jeera and starting crushing it all with hand,for a long time and then added it to the tamarind juice,added salt and a piece of jaggery and then did the tadka with a little oil,jeera, rayi,chilli flakes, curry leaves and dont forget to add a little haldi at the end to the tadka and add it to the tamarind juice, ready,pacchipulusu,hot rice and papad,and have a simple dinner:)
My final entry for RCI-Andhra Hosted by Latha of Masalamagic



Most men seem to hate this veggie.Mine loves it ,so no problem there!:))
Looks great,I made this two days ago,love it with rice rotti.
Don't deprive yourself of anything bcos somebody else don't like it.Cook for yourself and eat!;D


hey So many colors in your blog. really making it pretty. My hubby too never used to like brinjals. but I started making him like it hehehe:)
nice one for RCI.


Your curry looks yummy. I also try but stuffing is something different but next time try with your stuffing. I never use onion in stuffing but after see your curry I never loss the chance to taste.......Thanks for sharing.:)


This one looks YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM...will try it out soon! :)

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