Wednesday, 2 May, 2007


I have never been into a kitchen to cook till last year and my wedding changed it all,when i got married i hardly know how to make rice in a cooker but now i know i can make a good meal for people who visit us,all this was a challenge,it still is,I am known for taking up challenges,and for me cooking has been one too,for someone who never knew the diff between urad dal and chana dal i have come a long way. Most of my learning was done on phone,yes,whenever i had to cook i just promptly called up mom and took instructions and made it the way i could,whatever the recipe,it did endup fairly ok and thankgod for a husband who is a fussy eater but still wouldn make a face and eat quietly just because he cannot even cook that rice i was talking about,oh i have been lucky:)
And one more guide for my cooking skills were the food blogs,what a great help they had been, i am starting this blog to chronicalize my first time experiments of various recipies and how they turned out to be, when i read about it all many many years later i am sure it will bring out a smile on my face:) so welcome to maintivanta.


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