Thursday, 10 May, 2007

Aloo kurma

Potatoes have been my all time favorites and the aloo kurma is the one dish which i miss the most from my mom's kitchen.A rich gravy made of dray coconut powder,garam masala ,poppy seeds or khus khus and dahi this is a common dish at most of the family functions or gatherings,at my home whenever a guest comes who is a strict vegetarian mom makes puri and alookurma and its spelled as aloo khorma here in Hyderabad in many households who speak urdu or hindi. I donot know if it qualifies for RCI hosted by lovely latha of masalamagic but i will certainly send it too apart from my other recipes which i am already getting ready with,this rich gravy has been a part of food flavours of moghulai and nizam era, and you can find a good description of khorma from here which says......


Potatoes,i took 5 small ones{boiled,peeled,cut into peices,3 big onions, 2 tomatoes, elaichi,lavang and shahjeera { to add spice to the curry}

Green chillies,salt, ginger garlic paste,red chilli powder, very little haldi or turmeric, fresh coriander, three table spoons of garam masala, one half of greated dry coconut or khopra and 3 spoons of khuskhus powder {all the ingredients or masalas can be changed acc to the tastes,i like the khorma very rich and spicy.

Heat oil in a wide pan and add shahjeera,elaichi and lavang to the oil . and then add the green chillies,the onions,add ginger garlic paste,salt and turmeric and fry the onions for about two min or till they turn to golden color.

Add the boiled potatoes into the skillet and let both be mixed properly and then add the garam masala, khopra powder,khus khus powder, and add a glass of water checking the consistency,remember the potaotes are already boiled,we need the water only to get a rich gravy,keep that to mind for the proportions.

And now add two tomotoes and chilli powder to the gravy,cover the lid and let the gravy be cooked at a low heat atleast for 10min { i prefer 15min} remember this is a slow cooking process} do keep checking one or two times and mix it well.

When the dish is almost done add two spoons of curds or fresh cream {curds is prefered} and let it simmer for a while, mix well and garnish with corriander at the end.
I love Aloo khorma with puris or hot rice and pepper rasam along with this dish is my all time favourite.



How delicious!! Kurma looks lovely and such an authentic recipe for RCI.Got more?!YAY!!:)


Hi there nice blog this recipe is wonderful :)


hey great entry for RCI. looks yummy.


Hi there!thank for sharing such a nice recipe.I liked your pictures.


Hi there!
I tried your alu kurma and it came out great in my kitchen too.I reduced the spice level according to our taste.

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